Cool Games

Whether or not a game is cool or interesting often depends on personal preference. What is cool for one person may not necessarily be cool for another person. Thus, the definition of cool games varies. It could also depend on a person’s age. Older people often prefer more serious games such as chess, scrabble or mah jong; kids may prefer to play video games or apps in their phones or tablets. It may depend on the types of activities that a person wants – some people who are athletic may like to play sports; others, who are not athletic, may prefer video games or board games.

Some games are considered cool because of the hype that is associated with them. For example, at one point, people enjoyed playing Mario Brothers because everybody was playing the game. This 2017, a lot of people enjoy playing fidget cubes or fidget spinners. In most schools today, you’d see children holding those contraptions. With everything going retro again, people are beginning to like tamagochis once more. Game popularity also depends on the trends and the level of curiosity they generate.

In certain countries, particular games can be considered cool. For example, in the US, basketball and football are cool. The most highly paid athletes in the US are pro basketball and football players. With this knowledge, most teens and those who aspire to be athletes play these sports because they are deemed cool – what with the fortune and fame they bring. In the United Kingdom, Italy and Brazil, soccer is considered cool. We see Ronaldo, Messi, and Beckham make headlines in these countries because locals find these games cool.

Other games are cool because they have been endorsed by popular celebrities. Kim Kardashian has an app that people find cool because they are her fans. Most apps can also be considered cool because certain people play them too such as games on television where celebrities participate in. An example would be games played in a show called Running Man in Korea.

Some people find games cool because of the thrill they provide. People who participate in racing games or board games often like the thrill of winning. Racing games, whether with cars, bikes, or running are often present in different ages. Board games provide thrill too! People say that board games such as monopoly or Uno may ruin friendships because players get so intense when playing.

Yet, others find games cool because of the rewards they offer. Some games such as mah jong or poker have money at stake, that’s why people play them. This is probably why there are so many people who like to play in big casinos. With money at stake and with the thrill and excitement experienced while playing the game, you would not exactly say that you lost.

It is subjective to identify whether a game is cool or not. Often, trends on the internet, among people, and among different places vary. Whatever game you may find cool, depending on your age, interest or skill level, always remember to have fun. All games are fun and cool, after all if we enjoy playing them.