Dumbbell Mats

Whenever we buy an exercise equipment, we also need to think about how to protect our floors especially if the equipment is inside of the house, heavy or in the same position for a long period of time. When you go on the machine to do the exercise, it will double the weight and make marks on the floor. A dumbbell mat is way less expensive that redoing a floor. Place the mat under your exercise equipment to prevent scratches and marks on your floors. Look for a mat that is strong, high-quality, and made with durable rubber. The mat should be made of EPDM closed-cell rubber, which makes it non-absorbent and extremely easy to clean. So, that you won’t be surprise to find a mark on your floor that was supposed to be protected by the mat. Its rubber underside makes it ideal for exercises that require a lot of movement. The mat will simply stay put when subjected to pressure and will not slide. 

If you are looking of a certain length, these mats are easy to cut and can be cut into any shape or size of your choice. These mats can endure even the most strenuous of workouts and can last a long time.

A beautiful and well-designed dumbbell mat can embellish your floor as well.